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A comment on the title. The title is very, very similar to new standard BS 8632 Natural Capital Accounting for Organisations. Having two different documents with the same name will cause confusion for practitioners trying to find the best information for them to use.  Based on the need to differentiate the documents, and my comment on the need to create a document that provides a framework of the work already in existence but referencing outwards to that work for more detail, a possible title could be: A guide to assessing, valuing and accounting for natural capital for business. Taking a ‘guide’ approach (rather than a standardising approach) indicates and allows a ‘framework’ approach with reference to work that already exists.

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Additional to the above title change - this change to talk about ‘assessing, valuing and accounting for natural capital' would need to be carried over into the main text (where it currently talks only in terms of accounting).

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